Experimenting with Arduino and Custom Controllers

Initial Experimentation with Makey Makey

It was interesting to see all the custom controller games showcased at EGX Rezzed’s ‘Rock Paper Shotgun’ section, from self made consoles to a game entirely controlled by a yoga ball. Makey Makey, a board which can act as a make shift keyboard, was my first introduction to actually making a custom controller.  It could be connected to different components, such as buttons, and you could even make games with pencil, such as a graphite keyboard (below right).

I then worked within a small team to create a quick game using Makey Makey. We decided to create a punching game, where the player has to charge up their energy and physically punch various targets to defeat enemies on the screen.

Making a Game with Arduino

After that, we moved on from Makey Makey to Arduino, which is far more powerful. Thanks to Tinkercad, we could test circuits before we made them.

For example, below is a simple circuit to light an LED:

But the challenge was to make a game using only Arduino! I created a memory game, where a sequence of LEDs will randomly light up. After they have finished, you must press the buttons in the correct order. If you get the order correct, you will then receive a longer sequence to remember. This continues until the player gets a sequence wrong.

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